R and R and Then Home

Eiffel Tower

A little wine, a little beer, a little vodka, well lets be honest a lot, that sums up last night. Me and the driver did Paris sights this morning, then Lunch in a Parisian Cafe before heading home via Metro, Eurostar, First Capital and Car. Lovely to see Tom (whats wrong with us when we start to miss teenagers) and the dogs. Life now seems quiet after all the excitement of the last few days, but full of memories of a wonderful experience which will hopefully last a lifetime. Bye for now.

We made it to Paris

London to Paris - We made it.

16:00 Saturday 4th September 2010 we cycled up to the Eiffel tower to complete our Peterborough to Paris for Parkinson’s cycle challenge. Very emotional, tears were shed, chuffed to bits, what a day to remember. Let’s go party with the lovely people we have met on the trip and the crew who have supported us so well.

Day 2

Made it to London. Another nice day.Tesco say every little helps not when it is one of their carrier bags tangled in your sprockets and both chains off in leyton high street. Any way early start tomorrow so TTFN

29 August

Not been a good week for training due to the weather, bike going in to be serviced ready the big day and also I’ve had a bit of a gippey stomach due to too much wine I think or was it the gluten! Anyway, everything is packed and distributed to our 2 hotels before leaving the country. Usually I have the problem of what to pack and end up taking the kitchen sink this time it’s the opposite…….how does a girl travel light! NOT VERY WELL!!! Dogs are being looked after by neighbours even though they have 3 themselves so they should have fun! Tom is staying with Abbie and her mum Jackie so I know he’s safe so I shouldn’t worry but I do. I’m sorry I will miss his first day back at school, I shall miss his teenage mood swings and I will miss my dogs. Don’t think I shall sleep too well tonight even with sleeping tablets. I’m hoping I won’t find this trip too difficult after all the training doctors been messing with my medication cause there is no sinemet plus it’s starting to affect me but hey!…….my little sis is coming to wave me off tomorrow that bit of news made my day.